OH SO SCENTED Lavender, Rose and Camomile Diffuser

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0050_VOYA Diffuser_Lavender, Rose & Camomile_300dpi.jpg

OH SO SCENTED Lavender, Rose and Camomile Diffuser


Sensuous, calming, subtle and sweet, this scent evokes instant tranquility and a sense of relaxation, created by cushioning notes of camomile with rose essence. Experience the gentle floral uplift of summery lavender and geranium and let it unfold like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, enveloping your chosen environment with a harmonious soothing aroma. Calming rose and elegant camomile combine to make this therapeutic scent the ultimate accomplice to the perfect night’s sleep.

This soothing fragrance will help to de-stress and settle a racing mind. Perfect for bedrooms or any space used for relaxation. Sleep well with VOYA's lifestyle range, and why not try it with VOYA's Camomile tea!
Remove the bottle stopper and replace the wooden top. Insert the reed sticks into the opening. Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to diffuse. To control scent levels, add or reduce the number of reed sticks. Natural reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver a longer lasting fragrance.

1 Glass Bottle of VOYA Oil
1 Decorative Cap
1 Bundle of Reed Sticks

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