OH SO SCENTED Ginger Chai and Mandarin Diffuser

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0050_VOYA Diffuser_Ginger Chai & Mandarin_300dpi.jpg

OH SO SCENTED Ginger Chai and Mandarin Diffuser


This fragrance is evocative of the warmth and awakening of spring. Top notes of ginger chai and spicy cinnamon disperse from its fresh Brazilian mandarin heart, smoothed over with buttery Madagascar clove oil.

Why not try it out in your living room, home office, kitchen or man cave. Warm rich undertones of spice soften an abundance of fresh citrus scents to gift you with a positive pick me up and a sense of emotional wellbeing. This ginger infused fragrance has the therapeutic benefit of easing nausea and inner upset. 
Remove the bottle stopper and replace the wooden top. Insert the reed sticks into the opening. Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to diffuse. To control scent levels, add or reduce the number of reed sticks.
Natural reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver a longer lasting fragrance.

1 Glass Bottle of VOYA Oil
1 Decorative Cap
1 Bundle of Reed Sticks

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